Durg City Guide

The city of Durg which falls in the Durg-Bhilai region and holds the distinction of being a major industrial & agricultural center in Chhattisgarh. Durg is endowed with an abundance of mineral resources, and is home to Bhilai Steel Plant. Being a key commercial & industrial hub, people from all corners flock to the city in search of employment opportunities. Modern and well-developed city Durg has a rich cultural heritage dating back to hundreds of years. The region is famous across the world for the traditional folk dances -The Raut Nacha & Pandwani. On Festival & Special occasions the people of the city dance in absolute joy and gaiety on the beats of folk music. Durg is endowed with a number of tourist places like ancient temples, beautiful Garde Jain Shrines of Parshwanath Tirth, Ganga Maiya Temple, Deorbhijia Temple, etc. make Durg an important pilgrimage centre and devotees come in large numbers to pay their homage here. Plan a trip to the fascinating city of Durg and experience a unique & enchanting

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